Warning Signs Of Needing A New Roof

Warning Signs Of Needing A New Roof  

When Do You Need to Consider a New Roofing Installation?

When a roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, it’s usually trying to let us know. Just remember, the earlier you understand that you need a few roof, the better. The more you delay this project, the higher the risk of a roofing company adding additional fees to your installation. So, we feel obliged to let you know of these common indications:

  • Excessive damage and frequent repairs; If you have been calling a professional roofer to inspect and fix your system often over the last couple of years, maybe you should think about why. Constant repairs and replacements of different sections of your system are a clear sign that you should quit paying for small frequent repairs and invest in a newer and more efficient system instead.

  • Your roof is an eye-sore; When a roof suffers excessive damage, it usually has a lot of missing or damaged shingles along with discoloration and moss. You can also expect dark streaks, mud, which make it look ugly. Just stand on the opposite side of the street and look at your roof to figure out how it looks.

  • Your neighbors are getting their roofs replaced; Even though this basically means nothing, if the houses in your neighborhood were built at the same time, you can expect your roofs to wear at approximately the same time.

  • Too many granules in the gutters; If you have called a specialist to clean your guttering system lately and he told you he found a lot of granules, this could be another obvious indication that you need to consider a new roofing installation. Shingles have granules to keep them in place on your sloped roof. So, if they have started to accumulate in your gutters, that means your system is suffering serious damage.

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