Looking for a Carpenter to Finish off Your New House?

Looking for a Carpenter to Finish off Your New House?  

What Does a Trim Carpentry Contractor Do?

Numerous different kinds of carpenters participate in building a house. One such expert is a trim carpenter – the

carpentry contractor

who will be responsible for the last stages in a construction project, which involve the finishing touches like installing trim, creating furniture, finishing walls, etc.

A trim carpenter sometimes works on site, but some of the items they will make do need large and bulky tools, some of which cannot be transported to a site, which means much of their time will be spent in their workshop. One of their


not surprisingly, is installing trim. This ranges from door trims to molding and baseboards, to name but a few. The process of installing this trim can somewhat tedious, and the carpenter needs to have a good eye for detail, in addition to taking precise measurements and the use of various tools in order to make clean cuts and create attractive fittings.

In these cases, a trim carpenter will need to work on-site, using tools like


and chop saws, hammers, nail guns, and sanding machines like palm sanders. Also, the trim carpenter may be required to install window casings and cabinets. These cabinets may have been built by the carpenter themselves, or they could just be the one responsible for their installation and, when necessary, their adaptation to a specific space.

Window casings are there to make sure a window will fit securely into

a space,

this job is vital not just for the aesthetic reasons but also for efficiency. Heat is lost through these casings when they are not fitted or built properly, this leads to increased heating bills, come winter.

So if you live in or around the Somerset, MA area and are looking for a professional

carpentry contractor,

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